About Us

For 5 generations spanning over 120 years in history, our Family has been dedicated to designing, manufacturing and creating the finest Jewelry made in Portugal.



Our mission is to understand your needs as a whole and translate them into products aesthetically attractive and commercially viable.


What We Offer

Solid know-how. Skilled craftsmen equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry and a reputation that precedes the Company, still owned and managed by Family members.

All the models we create are either manually created by our craftsmen or by our design team using top notch 3D modelling software. We also provide rubber molds, stone-setting, casting, cutting and laser engraving, as well as all kind of finishes.

We establish strong relationships and direct rapports with our Clients in order to wear their shoes and be able to develop their lines and products exactly to their image and meet a fair price point.

From the first steps to the final touches, we integrate all the manufacturing stages under one roof. This way, we not only guarantee quality and micro management in all phases, but also speed and an exquisite customer service who will keep you posted about your orders.


We understand the relevance of choosing a reliable manufacturer and will be happy to know more about your thoughts, ideas and needs.



Do not hesitate to contact us for any enquiries you might need.